Willy Mutenza, BA MMC

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Mr Mutenza is an enterprising businessman who has lived and worked in London for the last 16 years. Having graduated in 2002 with a BA in Digital Arts and Multimedia Computing from Thames Valley University, London, Mr Mutenza put to good use the skills he learnt in Information and Computing Technology. His host of certificates and diplomas in courses such as Computer Design, and Printing & Publishing has resulted in a number of successful business ventures.



Willy Mutenza is the manufacturer of a Bluetooth and Wi-Fi marketing device (ePRO Bluetooth LONG RANGE advertising transmitter). The “ePro Bluetooth” a mobile marketing device, allows businesses to send adverts to mobile phones by free transfer of content between mobile devices using the Bluetooth signal.

The device has now been deployed and bought by top companies like MoneyGram International, who have used the devices during the African Cup of Nations, the Metropolitan Police, churches, various events and exhibition organisers, government agencies in Africa and other small SMEs who don’t want to be left out in this digital age.

Read more about the device: http://thepromota.com/
Story: http://thepromota.com/?p=1466

MM2 Capital
April 2011 – Present (1 year 10 months)Uganda – East Africa

MM2 Capital, the convergence focal point for Investors and Business Entrepreneurs.

MM2 is developed as a pan-African capital investment equity company that invests in entrepreneurs, builds successful businesses to deliver sustainable financial and social returns.

Mr. Mutenza guide the board on the best investment opportunities in Uganda and help to create an environment to bridge investors and business entrepreneurs in Uganda, East African region and beyond. Facilitation work permit and VISA access with the support of Government agencies.
Ugandan Convention UK
Ugandan Convention UK
January 2011 – Present (2 years 1 month)London, United Kingdom


Chairman and Founder member Ugandan-UK Convention

Uganda Diaspora Investment Expo 2013 is the largest Ugandan and East African event in Europe that is designed to promote Uganda and East Africa at large as a favorite investment destination in Africa. The Expo offers companies large and small the opportunity to access our lucrative and often overlooked market. The Convention focuses and contributes to the economic empowerment of the Ugandan community through the Expo.

Mobile: +447790 647 089 | Email: info@ugandanconventionuk.org


The Promota Ethnic Consultants
April 2004 – Present (8 years 10 months)London, United Kingdom

One of the top UK ethnic marketing consultants offering specialist services to effectively help you to reach out to the Afro-Ethnic market in Europe. The Promota has worked with top brands like Western Union, Brussels Airlines, MoneyGram and many others

Offers the most competitive marketing service for the appropriate growing ethnic market segment.

Managed by a culturally diverse team with multilingual capabilities, the Promota Group helps its clients communicate effectively to the specific ethnic communities here in the Europe and overseas.

We develop multicultural media plans, applying cultural importance and result-driven marketing strategies. We offer a tremendous range of media outreach: TV, radio, print publications and online through direct marketing.

Email: info@thepromota.com


The Promota Africa Magazine
January 2004 – Present (9 years 1 month)London, United Kingdom

The Magazine
The treasured quarterly magazine The Promota Africa is the only UK published magazine that focuses on the progress of the African Diaspora, covering issues across the whole of Africa that directly or indirectly affects the prosperity of Diasporans.

The magazine provides in-depth coverage of a range of topics as diverse as its readership including business, fashion, culture, politics, interviews, spiritual, health, food, events, investment and much more.

The Promota has become a must-read magazine for Africans in the Diaspora due to its inspirational, thoughtful and intelligent issues that compliments an enquiring and aspiring mind.

The Promota has and will continue to be the vehicle that gives a voice to the African undiscovered talents and give a stage to those already shining. Through our pages, we chronicle the celebrities, business icons, fashion & lifestyle designers, role models and Diaspora innovators that inspired our people.

Contact the Promota at: http://www.thepromota.co.uk/contact-us/